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1. you(所有格) 2. I (所有格)

3. we (所有格) 4. he (所有格)

5. free(反义词) 6. hot(反义词)

7. white(反义词) 8. eraser(同义词)

9. boy(对应词) 10. brother(对应词)

11. bike(全称) 12. this(反义词)

13. father (对应词) 14. all (近义词)

15. woman (复数)

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B: Hello! Sandy.

C: Hello! Tom

D: Hello! I am Sue. B: Are you in Mr. Crisp’s class?

C: Yes, I am .

D: No, I’m not. I am in Miss Williams’ class.

B: Oh, I am in Miss Williams’ class, too.

1.Who is Sue?

a. A b. B c. C d. D

2. Who is in Mr. Crisp’s class?

a. A b. B c. C d. D

3. Who is in Miss Williams’ class?

a. A and B b. B and C c. C and D d. B and D

4. What’s A’s name?

a. Tomb. Sandy c. Sued. I don’t know.

5 Who are classmates?

a. A and B b. B and C c. B and D d. C and D


B: That’s Sue Clark.

A: Who’s that boy?

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miss排位日记10篇二:W It’s 10 45 already and I’ll miss











Ⅰ. 单项选择。(计15分)

( my dictionary at home.

A. has left B. left C. would left D. had left

( A. Thousands ofB. Thousand of

C. Ten thousands D. Many thousands

( ) 3. The match ________ already ________ when we ________ there.

A. has, begun, getB. will, start, getC. had, started, gotD. have, get, reach ( ) 4. When was Mary married A. by B. with C. / D. of ( ) 5. I was late today because my alarm clock didn’t A. run off B. go off C. give out D. give up ( A. such, that B. so, that C. such, so D. so, such ( ) 7. On the way home our bus rther. A. broke B. broke up C. broke down D. broke into ( ) 8. When she was thirty years old, she really wanted to get __________. A. married B. marrying C. to marry D. marry ( ) 9. —When your homework? —I had finished it before he A. have, finished, came B. have, finished, was coming C. did, finish, came D. did, finish, was coming ( ) 10. By the end of last year they _____ thousands of orange trees on the mountains. A. had planted B. have planted C. were planting D. would plant ( ) 11. He in Shanghai for 5 days. A. remains B. is remaining C. has remained D. remain ( ) 12. They were made by the lovely girl. A. to laugh B. laugh C. laughing D. laughed ( ) 13. I’m very tired and I want to stop a rest. A. having B. to have C. has D. to having ( ) 14. Last Tuesday was my birthday. All of my best friends ________.A. showed up B. handed upC. came upD. stayed up (A. By the timeB. WhileC. AfterD. Because II.完形填空。(计10分) I’ve never been late for school, but yesterday I came very close. My alarm clock didn’t the bathroom and I had to wait for him by the time the bus had already left .I started walking, but I knew I couldn’t get to friend Tony and his dad came by in his dad’. . I only just made it to my class. ( ) 1.A. break downB. go off C. went offD. get off ( ) 2.A. gone into B. go intoC. left D. came into ( ) 3.A. get out B. come out C. to leaveD. to come out ( ) 4.A. quick B. quicklyC. slowD. slowly ( ) 5.A. in B. at C. to D. into ( ) 6.A. LuckilyB. Unluckily C. UnfortunateD. Happily ( ) 7.A. arrived at B. reaching C. got to D. got

( ) 8.A. on time B. at times C. sometimes D. on times ( ) 9.A. bikeB. carC. ride D. drive ( ) 10.A.was ringingB. ringing C. rang D. rung III.阅读理解。(计20分) A A neighbor of mine, while visiting his mother in Boston, took her to a shoe store to buy a new pair of shoes. While she was trying on different styles, my neighbor took the manager aside. “When she picks out a pair that she likes,” he said, “just tell her that the price is 12 dollars. I’ll pay the regular(正常的)price. I don’t care how much it is.” The following week, my neighbor was walking by the shoe store and the manager recognized (认出)him and called him in.

“What’s the problem?” asked my neighbor as he entered the store.

“Wasn’t my check any good?”

“That’s not it,” answered the manager, “The problem is that your mother is bringing all her friends in

for those 12-dollar shoes!”

() 1. My neighbor went to Boston ________.

A. to buy shoes for his motherB. to see his mother

C. to pay for the shoes he had bought for his mother

D. to see the manager of the shoe store () 2. The regular price my neighbor had paid must be _______. A. 12 dollars B. lower than 12 dollars

C. higher than 12 dollars D. unknown to himself at all () 3. It seems very probable that my neighbor wanted to _______. A. please his mother B. cheat his mother

C. cheat the managerD. please his mother’s friends () 4. The manager called my neighbor in when he saw him because______. A. he didn’t have enough shoes for his customers

B. my neighbor’s mother had taken a wrong pair of shoes

C. there was something wrong with his check

D. he found it hard to satisfy his customers

() 5. What do we know about the character(个性) of my neighbor’s mother?

A. She would like to buy expensive things.

B. She would like to buy cheap things. C. She would like to help others when they’re in trouble. D. She would like to have her son pay for her shopping. B 根据下面一篇短文的内容判断下列句子的正误,正确的用 “A” 表示,错误的用 “B” 表示

Miss Grey lived in a small house. She was old and did not like noise at all, so she was very pleased when her noisy neighbor moved out. A young man moved in and Miss Grey thought the man seemed to be quiet. But at three o'clock the next morning, the noise of a dog woke her up. She thought she had never heard a dog there before. It must be the young man's dog. So she telephoned the young man, said something bad about the dog and then hung up the telephone before he could answer. Nothing more happened until three o'clock the next morning. Then Miss Grey's telephone rang, and when she answered, a voice said, “You telephoned me twenty-four hours ago. Now I've rung you up to say that I haven't a dog.” 1. Miss Grey felt sorry when her noisy neighbour moved out. 2. Miss Grey's ne(来自:WWw.zHaoqT.net 蒲公 桃花色综合影院 摘:miss排位日记10)w neighbour was as noisy as the old one. 3. Some noise woke her up in the early morning.

4. She thought the new neighbour had brought a dog with him.

5. The young man rang up Miss Grey in the early morning, because he wanted to punish( 惩罚 ) her. IV.单词考查。(计25分)



A. 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成句子。 1. I got up late yesterday because I o_________. 2. The box is e_________, there is nothing in it.

3. Only Tony didn’t f________ from that house while the earthquake took place.

4. His sister is going to m _________a businessman next week. She will be a wife soon. Day?

6. My friend and his dad came by in his dad’s car and they gave me a _______(搭车).7. The president of America _________(宣布)that the war in Iraq had stopped. 8. I was (精疲力竭的) when I climbed onto the top of the mountain. 9. Don’t tell a lie!Nobody should be 愚弄).

10.Could you please _________(上锁)the door when you leave here? B.用所给动词的适当形式填空。

11. By the time I ______ ( get ) home, Mother ______ ( finish ) cooking.

12. _______ you _______ ( listen )to tapes yet?No. I _______ (listen) in an hour.

13. You are interested in (drawing). You might _____ (become) an artist in the future. 14. What ______ your little brother ______( do )? Don’t speak so loud. He _______.( sleep )

15. The new teacher who _______ ( teach ) us chemistry ______ just_____ ( walk ) into the classroom.


1. The bus had left by the time I got there.(改为否定句)The bus _______ ______by the time I got there. 2. He has already had breakfast. (改为一般疑问句) ______he had breakfast________?

3. The story was very interesting. I could never forget it. (合并为一句) The story was ________interesting__________ I could never forget it. 4. She said, “I have read the book.”(改为同义句) She said that ______ read the book.

5. The box is so heavy that he can’t carry it. (改为同义句)The box is __________heavy for him __________ carry. VI.补全对话。(计5分)

A: Hey, Helen. Did you have a wonderful travel?

B: Oh. Don’t mention it. I have never had such a terrible travel. A: Why?(1) ?

B: At the night before we start, I stayed up late with my friends. (2 . By the time we got to the station. The train had gone.

A: And then?

B: Then we had to wait for the next train. And when we arrived in the city we wanted to travel by the next train, (3)

A: The guide had gone? My dear! (4)? B: So we had to take taxi and meet them by ourselves. A: Then you could have a good travel.

B: Oh, no. (5), they had decided to be back.

要求:1. 日记应包括图画中所有内容。可适当发挥,使短文完整、通顺。

2. 词数:70-90。

Tuesday October 3, 2009Fine

When I got to school this morning,

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